All Vest Covers and Pockets are Built of the Finest US Made Materials

The color will be Ranger Green (Cordura®) 1000 Denier Investa Cordura® All Solutioned Dyed Fabric and Webbing

  • Velcro® USA Hook and Loop
  • FirstSpear Tubes® Buckle
  • Mil-Spec Metal Hardware
  • Surgical Quality Woven US Made Elastic

Patrol Vest - Model: FS100

  • Starting Price: $485

    All standard model vests are sized only to your ballistics.

    • Name Tapes and Sheriff identification patches are sold separately.
  • Starting Price: $540

    All premium model vests are sized to your body and your ballistics.

    • Name Tapes and Sheriff identification patches are sold separately.

Essential Pocket

The Interior of the pocket is lined with Velcro® for multiple attachments. The opening of the pocket will allow for a 10"x 12" Level 4 rifle plate. Depending on your size, we can also fit an 8" x 10" Plate Pocket.

Options for Velcro® attachments Can be An Organizer or Phones, Pens, Rifle Mags etc., and Attachment for a Concealed Carry.


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  • Admin Pockets

    Our Admin pocket comes in three sizes

    • 6" x 5"
    • 6" x 6"
    • 6" x 7"

    All pockets come with an opening pouch behind the main zipper that is Velcro® Closed.

    Check out all the options 
  • Baton Sleeve Pockets

    Our baton pocket sleeve is specifically designed to fit the RCB, Peacekeeper, and ASP batons.

    More colors available 
  • Expandable Baton Holder

    With a snap button at the top of the pocket you can safely secure a Peacekeeper or RCB.

    Check out more options 
  • Standard Radio

    Our radio pockets include a pen pocket on the side of the pocket and can be configured for left or right handed use.

    Check out our different colors 
  • Open Top Magazine Pockets

    These pockets come with Kydex® inserts for retention. Our double and triple open-top magazine pockets can be made for the 9mm/40 cal. or the double stack 45 cal. magazines.

    Check out options for magazines 
  • Closed Top Magazine Pockets

    The Velcro® closure will ensure your magazines stay safe and secure. They can be set up for 9mm/40 cal. or 45 cal. magazines.

    Check out all our options for pockets 
  • Double Handcuff Pocket

    The Double Handcuff Pocket with ballistic lining. Behind the pocket, an opening will be set up to fit a thin notepad or phone.

  • Single Handcuff

    This single handcuff can be in a horizontal orientation to fit on the back of the vest. The Pocket can also be orientated in a Vertical position.

  • Velcro® Organizer

    This organizer is made to fit inside the essential pocket. It can fit a cellphone, pens, rifle mags, etc.

  • Flashlight Pockets

    We have pockets for a variaty of flashlights big or small. All pockets come with a Webbing cover with Velcro®

  • OC Spray

    Two pockets of different sizes can fit the 3mk and 4mk.

  • Zipper For Kangaroo Pouch

    This Zipper Pocket Has YKK Zippers along with Velcro® attachment for easy access to zipper

  • Single Open Top Rifle Magazine Holder

    Using a Kydex® insert for retention, you can have a quick draw without worrying about a bungie cord or flap.

  • Single 223 + 2 Open Mag Holder

    Combining both the single 223 pocket with our open top magazine gets you the best of both worlds.

  • Taser Pockets

    Our taser pocket comes with soft foam on the outside of the pocket to lower any amount of irritation. Optional bungie cord

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BPS Tactical is a proud provider for Fresno County Sheriffs

Our tan vest is approved to wear until 1/1/2025. If you have already purchased a tan vest please fill out the section below and let us know if your measurements or ballistics have changed.

If you have not purchased a vest in the past, please download the order form